Disposing Things with a Rubbish Removal Service (The Right Way)

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Disposing Things with a Rubbish Removal Service (The Right Way)

It’s no secret. Rubbish comes in all forms and sizes. Some are easy to get rid off, while some others are more challenging and more hassle to dispose of. With the ongoing situation of increasing household trash every single day, the problem lies not in disposing of the rubbish. Everybody can do that with some help like proper waste education, some background and varying experience. The issue is on how to generally manage rubbish properly especially large ones.

Disposing of large items requires a different effort and method. There’s a really huge difference between throwing away your food waste stuffed inside your biodegradable bags and completely getting rid of that cupboard that is way taller than you. Simply put, you need to do more in order to get rid of the large items in your homes. Here are five things you need to know about disposing of large items:

Large items at home

There are different types of rubbish. However, what can be generally considered large items are things that are bigger than you can handle. Some of the large items you may have at your households are any of the following:

Furniture like your tables, chairs, sofas, cabinets, cupboards, shelves, bed frames, drawers etc.

Thick and heavy carpets, floorings, etc.

Household appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, ovens, stoves, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, etc.


The following mentioned above are only some of the large items familiar inside your homes. However, you’ll be surprised how much large items you want to get rid of when you want to upgrade your new homes or move to a different location. We service all of Sydney, and we know that Aussies can have a lot of junk at their houses. Believe us. What you have isn’t that out of the ordinary; let us help you clean up your home.

Disposing of large items in landfills

Disposing items in landfills often require a special permit or access. Since landfills are really large areas of land intended for waste disposal, it is a very limited space to dump your garbage in. Imagine if the entire Sydney threw their large items in landfills, the landfills will be completely full in no time. Moreover, large items can cause disruptions, waste buildups and land pollution in the area. It is not advisable to throw your large items in your local landfills.

Recycling large items

Since large items are big in size, it can contain many small parts. Large items often have lots of potentials to be recycled. For example, when your furniture is taken apart, many components of it can be recycled. Even if not all parts can be recycled, minimising the size of your waste and controlling its form is a big help in keeping waste manageable and in order. Besides wasting the opportunity to transform your waste, large items also waste a lot of space in your local dump.

Donating your large items

If you’re clueless with disposing of your large items, one very good way to promote sustainability is by donating them. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” and this can’t be any more true than when you deal with your garbage. Your old appliances, furniture and things can still go a long way if you give them to other people. If you think that a recycling facility is too expensive, it’s completely free to donate big things you’ve used to an organisation or cause. We have strong relationships with nonprofits throughout Sydney and indeed our other locations in Melbourne and Canberra. We work hard to be ecofriendly!

Hiring rubbish removal services

These types of items that you want to get rid are big in size. For this reason, not all items are accepted for regular waste collection. You’ll need rubbish removalists to get rid of them. That is why many removal services are present for your rubbish needs. Hiring rubbish removers guarantees that your large items will be out in no time. The expertise of your rubbish removers also means that they know the best methods to dispose of your large items.


Junk King offers the most cost-efficient rubbish removal services for you. We’ll collect your large items and make sure that having huge trash around isn’t going to cause a big problem for you. Do you want to get rid of that old refrigerator to make way for your new ones? Give us a call at 1800 348 228 or send an email at info@junkking.com.au

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