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Junk King is committed to be the #1 rubbish removal service for Pymble and the surrounding suburbs. We are servicing all businesses and residents of Pymble and we’re able to collect rubbish from any premises. Our operators are highly skilled at navigating smaller streets and loading rubbish from any site. We are an all service team that specializes in collecting all sorts of junk and rubbish.

When you book in with Junk King, we will give you a day, and the team will attend your site and take the rubbish away that same day. We feel this is what most people want from a professional rubbish collection team, and we are happy to provide that!

As a rubbish collection team, we are usually the last people to see your rubbish and as such we have developed a set of ethical guidelines, so our business will not further impact the environment and create more problems. A huge part of this is that we’ll always choose for the recycling of everything we collect. Our team has been trained to sort through rubbish and load the trucks so that items can be unloaded to different places if required.

Same Day Rubbish Removal in Pymble

Our same day service is as simple as you book in and are given a time that suits you. Our operators will arrive on time and they’ll inspect the items to be removed. They’ll offer you a final quote (you’ll get a rough estimate over the phone), if you accept the quote, we’ll load the trucks and take all the rubbish away right there and then! There's nothing more for you to do but to relax in the knowledge that all your rubbish will no longer be a problem anymore.

Cheap Prices on Rubbish Removal in Pymble

We are committed to offering our customers the absolute best prices for rubbish removal services. We have been able to negotiate cheaper prices with our disposal partners and we will pass these savings on to our customers.

Ideally our first option is to recycle any goods that we collect. Recycling is a great option and often the rates for delivery and disposal is very reasonable. This means that when we collect highly recyclable goods, your disposal rates are cheaper.

Even though we try to avoid landfills, sometimes it can’t be avoided. As we deliver high volumes of rubbish, the landfill sites we deal with give us a lower rate based on our reputation for delivering good clean waste to them.


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Rubbish Removal Near You

We are available to collect rubbish from all areas of Pymble. Our operators are highly skilled in negotiating small streets and busy road networks. We pride in safety first and only use trucks that are suitable for the areas that we collect rubbish from. If access is available, we’ll use larger trucks, but if it isn’t then we’ll deploy our smaller fleet.

Responsible Waste Disposal

We are committed to providing a service that follows many responsible waste removal guidelines, and these are explained within our ethical policies. The biggest part of this is that we will always opt for recycling and upcycling over taking items into a landfill site.

Our staff and operators are highly trained in sorting recyclable goods from others. We will load our trucks so that multiple drop offs are possible, and your rubbish is taken to the appropriate place that is best equipped to dispose of it properly. Even if we cannot take anything to a recycling centre, we have only partnered with landfill sites that share our vision for responsible rubbish disposal.

In our opinion no other rubbish collection agency can compete with our prices, same day service, or our ethical disposal responsibilities for Pymble. Call us today on 0410 808 723 to book in for your obligation free quote and see the difference!

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