#1 Rubbish Removal Services

Junk King is dedicated as the #1 rubbish removal service for Maroubra and the surrounding suburbs. We can attend all premises in Maroubra; we are efficient operators and only commit our services to suburbs that we know are within our reach.

When you book in with us, you’ll be offered a day that suits your schedule, then when we arrive you’ll be offered a final quote (totally obligation free!) and after you accept it we’ll load everything up, and you’ll never see it again!

We are a rubbish collection agency that is proud of its environmental reputation and we’ll always take your rubbish to the appropriate place to make sure that it doesn’t impact our future. By opting for recycling over landfill sites we believe that we offer a cleaner operation than many other companies.

Same Day Rubbish Removal in Maroubra

A huge part of our customer service is to offer you a same day collection service. Some other companies operate by giving you a quote over the phone, followed up with an onsite quote, and then a few days later the truck might arrive for the collection.

We have found that all our customers prefer to have their rubbish collected as soon as possible and therefore we have developed our same day service. We’ll collect your rubbish on the same day as your booking.

Cheap Prices on Rubbish Removal in Maroubra

We know that rubbish removal can be expensive, and therefore we are determined to use our contacts to make it as cheap as possible for our customers. By using recycling centres, we can offer a reduced rate for the removal of your rubbish, as these places typically have low disposal fees.

Although we try to avoid it, often there are times that we need to use a landfill site. But due to our high volume of deliveries, we have been able to negotiate cheaper fees with these businesses, and that means a cheaper rate for our customers!


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Rubbish Removal Near You

Often, we have found that some companies will say they service a certain area, only to find out later that they do not. We feel this is terrible customer service and a huge time waster; we value our customers much more than this.

When we say we service an area, we are dedicated to proving that service for all properties in the area. Our operators are highly trained in driving techniques, and if the area demands it, we will send out a smaller than usual truck to your site.

With smaller vehicles we can access many properties that others cannot. This is especially true for working with businesses that have small footprints, such as cafes and offices. We are here to service you and we’ll get the job done!

Responsible Waste Disposal

As a business dedicated to our environmental policies, we will always choose the right site for your rubbish. We’ll sort through everything and, even if it means multiple stops, we’ll deliver it all to the right location for processing.

At Junk King we know we’re a part of the final journey for many products and we feel it is our responsibility to keep the rubbish out of the environment. All our team members are trained in the correct way to handle rubbish to make certain it does not further impact our environment in a negative manner. If we need to use a landfill site, we are only working with those that share our vision for a clean future.

In our opinion no other rubbish collection agency can compete with our prices, same day service, or our ethical disposal responsibilities for Maroubra. Call us today on 0410 808 723 to book in for your obligation free quote and see the difference!

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