#1 Rubbish Removal Services

Junk King is committed to be the #1 rubbish removal service for Hurstville and the surrounding suburbs. With our highly skilled operators we can attend to any premises in the area. We can collect rubbish and junk from any site in the Hurstville region. We specialize in collecting all manner of rubbish and sending it to the appropriate disposal site for processing.

When you book in with Junk King, we’ll find a suitable date that fits in with your availability. Then when we arrive, we’ll inspect your rubbish and offer a final quote for the removal, (this quote is entirely obligation free!) then after you accept it our operators will load their truck and take it all away. You won’t need to lift a finger, except to wave it goodbye forever!

Same Day Rubbish Removal in Hurstville

We have established a same day service because we feel that this properly represents what people are seeking in a rubbish removal agency. Gone are the days that you’ll be waiting around for a truck to appear. Our operators are specialists, in that they can evaluate the rubbish and give an appropriate quote, and then load the rubbish into their trucks and take it away.

We feel that most customers want the convenience of the same day service. Usually when you call a removal company, you're ready to move on to the next job, and often this is the last thing that needs to be completed. It’s our mission to provide this service for you.

Cheap Prices on Rubbish Removal in Hurstville

We know that having rubbish removed can be expensive, and this is why we’ve developed a system that allows us to charge lower prices. As we have a reputation for delivering clean and easily recyclable goods to our disposal partners, we have negotiated a cheaper fee. We can take this discounted fee and pass it on to our customers.

We’ve found that recycling is usually a cheaper option, and as it aligns with our responsible waste removal policies, it's a win-win situation all around! Even when we need to use a landfill site, because of the high volumes we deliver they offer us a cheaper rate than many other companies.


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Rubbish Removal Near You

Our trucks operate in your area and we have many ongoing contracts, this means that odds are we’re near your business. Most of our operators are local and can be called on in an emergency. They know the areas well and are skilled in loading rubbish from any premises.

Often it has been seen that some companies say they offer their services to a wide area, but when you go to book in, they are not available or don't come to your area. We think this is fairly ordinary, and as such we only offer our services to areas that we actively operate in.

Responsible Waste Disposal

As we are usually the last people to see your rubbish and send it on its final journey, we feel that it is our responsibility to make sure that it gets to where it should be. As a company we have set up a charter of environmentally ethical policies. These state that we will make every effort to be sure that rubbish is recycled as a first option.

By loading the trucks in a specific way we’re able to take your rubbish to the appropriate site and make sure that it is being put to good use. Other options that we use are upcycling, which is taking something old and broken and making something new from (or restoring) it. For this we rely on our upcycling partners who provide us with things they’re looking for, they will take the good and make new items or repair them for donating.

While taking some rubbish to landfill cannot be avoided (especially when goods are contaminated) we have chosen to partner with companies that share our vision of a responsible waste disposal future.

In our opinion no other rubbish collection agency can compete with our prices, same day service, or our ethical disposal responsibilities for Hurstville. Call us today on 0410 808 723 to book in for your obligation free quote and see the difference!

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